What does it cost the Software Maker?
Ever notice how many web sites jump thru hoops to hide their pricing?
e-Software-License.com has a simple price model- a Software Maker Account is Free, the License Software Library is Free, No monthly or up front payments.
Our pricing is based on the idea, we make a dime when you make a dollar. You set the price, we keep a 10% commission on sales.
If your price is $10.00, we keep $1.00 commission, you get $9.00.
Are lower commission rates available for high volume business?
Yes. Contact us.
What does it cost the Software Customer?
The customer pays Software Maker price plus a 0.42 cent transaction fee.
The fee covers the PayPal per transaction fee (currently about 0.32 cents) and a little more to cover our overhand to keep the customer license backed up in the Cloud.
If your price is $10, customer pays $10.42.
Currently there are no taxes collected, if the laws change and taxes are required to be collected, this may change.
The .42 cent fee is also a small incentive for the Software Customer to buy a volume license from Software Maker, so as to pay the fee only once.
Accepted use?
Your software products, marketing and business practices must be lawful in the good ol' USA.
  1. Can Software Maker use or include spam, adware, unrequested pop-up ads, or any form of deceptive or invasive marketing? No. See Accepted Use.
  2. Does Software Maker's software have to work, and work as advertised? Yes, See Accepted Use.
  3. Is adult content allowed? All LAWFUL content is allowed. See Accepted Use.
What about disputed payments, returns, charge-backs and/or fraudulent payments?
No money is disbursed until it is cleared by PayPal, and are not contested by the customer.
Any Software with a history of Charge-backs and/or Fraudulent payments will have funds delayed
at least 90 days until its the balance is uncontested.
Such accounts may also be terminated without notice.
When is money disbursed?
Money is disbursed monthly, based on the previous month's balance. Balance must be at least $20 to be disbursed, otherwise the balance is carried until it is over $20.
New customers will have a 90 day probation period to establish their payments are clearing uncontested before payments are disbursed.
If a single company has multiple software products, the combined balance must be $20 or more, and will be disbursed in 1 transaction.
Release of liability
Software Maker indemnifies and holds e-Software-Licennse.com harmless.
In no case shall e-Software-License.com be liable for amounts in excess of NET funds received on behalf of Software Maker.
All terms are independently agreed to. Any portion of terms found ineffective shall not affect other terms.
Terms are subject to change. Should terms change, Software Maker shall have 30 days notice, and may elect to terminate service without penalty.
e-Software-License.com reserves right to refuse service and/or terminate service.
Hey, we want your business. But if we have reason to believe your business is unlawful or just bad for our business, we may have to decline.
Disputed transactions
PayPal is used for all license transactions, and is the preferred method to disburse License Revenue to Software Maker.
Disputed transactions will be resolved by PayPal. (Only funds that are both collected and undisputed will be disbursed to Software Maker.)


Free support.
Free support is limited to Web Based. Email support is available for demonstratable bugs in our web site or License library.
Fee support or Consulting.
Fee based support is available for Software businesses with established client bases, to help port to our License Service.
Contact us for terms and availability. Fee support requries a minimum $1000 non-refundable retainer.
Non Windows Platforms.
Non Windows Platforms are not currently supported. We can port to other platforms, depending on a guaranteed minimum volume of business.
Contact us
for terms and availability. New Platform requries a minimum $10,000 non-refundable retainer.
Half the retainer will be credited toward commissions on the new platform.

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