Screen shots of e-Software-License.com Libraries in action

e-Software-License.com libraries main purpose is to provide license check and purchase windows, in flexible easy to use ways. A "Splash" screen which invites purchase and displays up to the minute Price list, a Purchase window which takes the user directly to PayPal, a "silent" license check. All license functions are instant and automatic. The users never have to enter or back-up key codes. Pure simplicity for your customers to use. Pure simplicity to program with.

Its secondary purpose is to provide infrastructure needed by most Software Titles, such as Automatic Update, Download latest version, Link to Software Title Home and Help web pages, an "About" dialog, "Contact Support" for licensed users (which also keeps your email address private), Read from Web Page into your program, and Display a Web Page in an external window. All features are optional and under your complete control.

The How To page shows details of adding each function to your application.

Screen shots

Side by Side

A typical "Splash" purchase invitation for demo and purchase income model.

By a Splash screen for freeware and donate income model

Splashscreen purchase modelsplash screen freeware model

Purchase window


purchase screen

Donate Window

Donate Screen

Update dialog.

Update doubles as a purchase incentive. Licensed users can have automatic update.

Update dialog

About or Support functions display this window for unlicensed users. Original at left. See annotations on right. It has a lot packed in, purchase invitation, purchase help, Software Title Web Page,CURRENT price list (from cloud database), current and latest versions.

Email support is an additional purchase incentive. (You control whether your Software Title offers email support).

Help window, unlicensedSame window notated

Every good Software developer knows the value of testing.

You can simulate test purchases for each type of license you offer. The test process is secure, because it only works from one PC and one User name, which YOU specify. Once the test PC and test User are cleared, so are the licenses.

Any other PC or user willet the normal purchase dialog.

At right is the Test Buy window. It by-passes PayPal and goes directly to enable the selected license.

Test Buy window

About Window screen shot.

Company, Software Title, Running Version, Latest Version, Software Title Web site and Help Web Page, Current Download, and Support for licensed users.

About Window